Which form should I use?

Donated items referral form

Use our ‘donated items’ referral form if you are requesting items that can be donated by our supporters.  This includes ‘pre-loved’ items such as buggies, cots, moses baskets, high chairs, clothes and toys.   These items will be in good condition but will normally be second-hand, and donated by our local supporters who respond to appeals on our Facebook page.

Enhanced support referral form

Use our ‘enhanced support’ referral form to request extra items for families in particular need, over and above the usual items which are donated for regular referrals.  These items could include furniture and electricals (usually second hand from the British Heart Foundation shop) or furnishings such as carpets or curtains.  All such referrals will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the trustees of Bromley Brighter Beginnings and are fulfilled at our discretion based on the information given on the form.


Please note that all referrals, whether for donated or enhanced support items, must be made by a professional such as midwife, health visitor, refuge worker, teacher, doctor, social worker etc.