Our Volunteers

Meet the Bromley Brighter Beginnings volunteers

Emma Martin

I read an article about mums who were going into hospital to give birth, unable to afford maternity sanitary towels. Having just given birth to my second son, I knew that having children was tough enough without extra stress and deprivation like that. I had to do something, so I set up BBB and found that most parents share that wish to support other families. The Charity has gone from strength to strength since we started in 2012, and I am proud of what we have all achieved together.

I am a Solicitor, Yoga teacher and mum of two energetic boys!

Natalie Argile
Communications Volunteer

As part of the Communications team, I am really pleased to be able to work for this fantastic charity to spread the word about the essential work we do. I’m currently working on building relationships with our referrers to reach as many families as we possibly can, and also raising the profile of the charity in the media and extended community.

I work as an Assistant Head and have two young children to keep me on my toes. I love a good day trip with the little ones and escape to the gym when I have the energy for circuits or a run.

Amanda Ashford
Stock Coordinator Volunteer

I joined BBB as I wanted to use the skills I had acquired in my years working in the retail industry to help people in my local community. My role as stock coordinator aims to ensure that we have what we need, when we need it, which in turn will allow the BBB team to respond efficiently to referrals in this ever-growing charity. It is great to be part of such a hard-working team and part of a community with so many generous supporters.

Having worked in the fashion retail industry for sixteen years, managing the distribution of products, I am now a stay at home mum with my two energetic boys and my little french bulldog. I enjoy going to the gym, eating out and long dog walks with my family.

Katrina Beal-Parnacott
Communications Volunteer

I strongly believe that giving back and volunteering in your local community helps make the community a better place to live. When I learned about the fabulous work BBB does with vulnerable families; I knew I needed to get involved. I’m proud to be part of the Communications team and focusing on expanding our social media reach, as well as managing various campaigns to increase the visibility of the important work BBB does within the London Borough of Bromley.

I’m a stay at home mum to one daughter, and when I have free time you can find me at the gym, crafting, and watching my daughter save goals on the football pitch.

Angie Bragg
Family Liaison Volunteer

I’ve always helped out with BBB – my daughter’s a trustee and she suggested I get properly involved.

I also Volunteer for Age Concern.

Mary Bragg
Neonatal Resources Coordinator & Trustee

I received a lot of practical help in terms of clothes and equipment when I had my boys and wanted to be able to give some of that back to people in need. I’ve also seen through my work the distress brought by not having the means to get everything that your baby needs. If we can alleviate some of that worry that seems to me like the right thing to do.

I have two boys and work part-time as an NHS therapist. I also enjoy distance swimming when I can.

Marsha Farquhar
Communications Volunteer

I became aware of the amazing work that BBB does through my network of local mums and wanted to get involved, as I felt it was a great way to help within the community and give something back.

As I have worked as a project and communications manager for agencies and for a large charity previously, joining the communications team seemed a great way to use my skills.

I have two young children, and in my free time, I can often be found cycling or at the beach with my family. I am currently training for the Brighton half marathon, and I also love yoga, dancing and reading a good book.

Lorelei Freeman
Volunteer Coordinator & Trustee

I was shocked when I realised the level of need in our Borough and I felt compelled to get involved somehow. I believe in the power of community to make tangible changes that improve life for local people, and that’s why I’m so passionate about being involved in BBB.  I love working with our fabulous volunteers and am always amazed by the generosity of our supporters.

I have two children, work for a debt advice charity in West London. In my spare time, I enjoy playing racquetball, drinking wine with my book group, and walking / running to keep fit.

Jenny Gibbons
Family Liaison Volunteer

BBB is a brilliant grassroots organisation which has a direct impact in supporting some of the most vulnerable families in the borough. Every BBB volunteer I have met through working with the charity speaks with such passion and a clear commitment to helping others. It’s so simple and efficient, connecting donations with families in need in a very practical, generous and non-judgemental way. It’s tough enough being a parent at the best of times and giving others the practical kit and resources to ease that transition is a fantastic and worthwhile cause.

I’m proud to be a part of it. I’m am a mum of one and work as an art psychotherapist in Croydon and Bromley.

Tracy Griffin
Treasurer & Trustee

I am a Trustee and the Treasurer of BBB and have been since 2014. I am hugely proud of what the charity has achieved and how many families we have been able to reach since we started, and the difference it makes. We have grown from strength to strength and are now able to make a positive impact on more people living in Bromley.

I am passionate about BBB, and am lucky enough to work with an amazing group of women who all have busy lives and still find the time to make someone else’s life that little bit better.

I work part-time in Early Years and am a mum to two girls, and I think it’s important they learn that giving back should always be the way forward.

Madeleine Hay
Bed for Every Child Coordinator & Trustee

I’m a Trustee at BBB after three years of being a family liaison volunteer. I love volunteering for BBB and know that all resources, both time and money go directly to the people who need it. I can’t bear the thought of people living in poverty and it’s so amazing to be able to help families in need in our area.

I am studying for my Dyslexia support qualification and volunteer in some Bromley schools to support this.

Lucy Kennedy
Referrals Coordinator Volunteer

I started volunteering for BBB because I admired the way it gives practical assistance to families. Parenting is hard enough when you are not having to do without essential items, so I wanted to do what I could in my own local area to help make families’ lives a little easier. I get great satisfaction from knowing that my time goes to something useful, and I’m really proud of the work we do.

I have two young boys and am an avid reader, movie-goer and baker, so I fit volunteering for BBB around school runs, cinema trips and searching for new taste testers!

Jenny Manning
Fundraising Volunteer

As the fundraising volunteer for BBB, my main focus is to raise as much money as possible so that this wonderful charity can continue its great work now and far into the future. I am always learning and am hopeful that I can really help make a difference to those most in need in our community.

I previously worked as a national newspaper journalist for nearly 10 years before becoming a full-time mum to my two young girls. And for some reason I decided having two children wasn’t quite stressful and chaotic enough, so baby number three is on the way.

Natalie Orsborn-Morales
Family Liaison Volunteer

I have always helped different charities and wanted to help a charity in my borough, specifically to help families in need. BBB is a great charity to work for and I enjoy helping families in need directly. It’s extremely rewarding.

I started working part-time as an executive assistant in the city when my eldest son started primary school in 2016. I had only worked full time prior to this but I wanted to spend more quality time with my children. I also didn’t want to miss out on the school runs and school holidays!

Kerriann Rawley
Family Liaison Volunteer

I originally joined the BBB Facebook page in the hope of giving away some of my children’s old clothes to a good cause. The more I learnt about the charity and the way they support families in need, the more I wanted to get involved so I jumped at the chance to become a volunteer.

I am a mum to a three-year-old girl and four-year-old boy, a full-time PA and love netball and dancing when I get the chance.

Helen Scothern
Family Liaison Volunteer

I had supported BBB through offering donations initially. The opportunity to volunteer for them came up. I felt that I wanted to give more to help families in need & support this amazing charity.

I’m a Children’s Nurse at Evelina London, I am a co-leader at St Augustine’s Parent & Toddler Group. I’m a big fan of the outdoors & love to cycle.

Carrie Starace
Family Liaison Volunteer

Since becoming a mum I’ve experienced how hard it can be. I can only (thankfully) imagine how difficult it is when you are experiencing domestic violence or any other hardship.

I’m the director of a sports coaching company (going into schools and teaching PE), a full-time mum, a runner, and a member of the Churchfields Community Choir.

Lisa Warren
Family Liaison Volunteer

I’ve been volunteering at BBB for quite some time now, and over the years I’ve seen some terrible deprivation right here in our Borough, which I found really shocking at first. I love the grassroots way people are able to lend a hand by passing on their pre-loved items; it’s great to see at first hand the impact donations can make to local families in need.

I’m a Business Manager, school governor & mum of two lovely boys. Any spare time I manage to squeeze in is taken up with keeping fit and gardening.

Karen Bell
Graphic Designer Volunteer

I have volunteered for BBB since it’s inception. As it’s a charity that is purely about helping those in dire need, I wanted to use my skills to help the best way I could.

I’m a mum of two and in my spare time, I’m a musician in 2 bands. I’m also an artist and I create all sorts of art, crafts and costumes.