Bed for Every Child – A Safe Place to Dream

Following the success of our ‘Bed for Every Child’ campaign over the last two years, we are relaunching the programme to ensure each child across the borough has a bed of their very own. Recent figures, according to End Child Poverty, revealed a shocking 20 per cent of children in Bromley live in poverty.  Sadly, we regularly hear from our referrers about families where children do not have a bed of their own – instead, they are sleeping on the floor, the sofa, or sharing a bed with another family member.

We believe every child is entitled to a bed of their own – a comfortable, functional bed with clean, warm bedding.  Giving a child their own bed increases the chance of a better night’s sleep, which can, in turn, lead to improved concentration and performance at school. There are also benefits to a child’s health and wellbeing, and it is known that sleeping alone reduces the risk of sexual abuse. Not only this but it raises a child’s sense of self-esteem to have their very own belongings.

Giving a child a bed really is so important, but it costs nearly £300 to do so. It might sound like a lot for a bed, but for us ensuring the families we work with feel safe has to be our main priority.  We provide a bed with in-built storage, so the child has somewhere to keep their belongings, and we also provide the mattress, duvet, pillows and bedding. In addition, we work with a firm with whom we have developed a trusted relationship with over the last two years who deliver and install the bed, as families often aren’t equipped with the tools to do so themselves.

Ways to Help

  • Make a donation directly
  • Nominate BBB as your charity of the year at your child’s school.
  • Support BBB as a business by naming us your charity of the year or publicising us to your employees.
  • Run a fundraising event such as a coffee morning.
  • Choose BBB as your selected charity on your next run or bike race.

Get in touch: to discuss other ways we can work together.

Any support you can offer would allow us to help as many children as we possibly can, giving young people a safe, secure place to dream.